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What are you made of? Delete Blood Cancers New Campaign................

12/02/2015 20:35

What Are You Made Of? is about highlighting how difficult it is to find a matching blood stem cell donor because of the huge number of variations in our tissue types, which is influenced by our own ancestry.

We urgently need more people from a diverse range of backgrounds to register as blood stem cell donors, especially younger people. With a larger and more diverse database to search, the probability of finding matching donors will hugely increase!

It’s within every single one of us to help someone to survive a blood cancer

We want to build the nation’s knowledge about how easy it is to donate some blood stem cells and what we can all do as an individual or as a community to take action to do our part to increase the donor pool. It is our key mission to work towards one day having enough registered donors of all backgrounds, so that there is a matching donor for everyone who needs one.


Everyone can help to spread the word about how easy it is to register as a blood stem cell donor. It all starts with the MADE OF TOOLKIT that you can download for use in your office, college, university, or local community space. Your help to spread the word will be vital to our success. We can achieve a lot together!


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