My Journey with MDS

Wednesday & Thursday - D minus 8 and D minus 7

07/05/2015 18:15

D Minus 8 

Pretty full on day as I needed some blood and platelets in addition to the medication regime. So was hooked up for probably 22.5 hours (not really counting) to my new best friend "the pump". Still in my unhooked up time did my first circuit of exercises set out by the physio - so felt pleased with that. Whilst on that subject enough of the smart comments about me having a gym installed in my room!!!  and yes the bike was used as part of that circuit!!

Pleased to say that there were no more reactions to the "Campath" but i have had some issues with fluid retention. All inputs and outputs are carefully monitored with my body being the process vehicle. I am clear what the required outcome is!!

Great to see Chris this morning and catch up on boys and events on IoW challenge 

So far so good ...... still eating well, overall feeling chirpy in spirit but with all medication tired at times but to be expected. Tomorrow sees introduction of another chemo drug as part of conditioning process. 

D Minus 7

Good night last night, slept really well. Getting to grips with my morning routine now. 6am Obs and blood tests, IV medication up; breakfast between 8-9  New chemo drug introduced this morning in addition - only tied to the pump for 30 minutes though. So by 10.30 i was free to shower etc. Saw Dr late am and more assistance needed with fluids - so shuttle runs to you know where. 

Ben was in today so that was nice to catch up, as he has been away for a few days. 

Good blood test results for me - quiet day feeling sleepy, which Sally found out as I "dropped off" this afternoon. 

Just had top stitch taken out on Hickman Line.     

Thanks for all good wishes I know both Sally and I appreciate them, its nice to think so many people are giving us ositive thoughts to help us to get through this. 


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