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My wonderful sister-in-law is raising funds for MDS doing the Isle of Wight challenge 2/3 May

05/02/2015 13:44

 Isle of Wight Challenge, 2nd – 3rd May, 2015




Our first Ultra challenge team - THE GREAT WIGHT HOPE –  is gathering to undertake the toughest challenge in the Ultra challenge 2015 series – the Isle of Wight challenge, stretching over a 106 km coastal loop route.

Commanding this fantastic team is Cate Skeat, who signed up to this challenge after finding out that her beloved brother-in-law, Glyn had been diagnosed with MDS (see his picture below).

Cate is now determined to help and decided to take up this great endurance test to raise funds for our charity. She’s already managed to mobilise two of her friends: Sarah Beardon and Hazel Hutt and isn’t stopping recruiting others to join her team. 


We admire the ladies’ brave decision to take on such a tough challenge and thank them for all their efforts.

If you’d like to sponsor the Great Wight Hope team, please click here.


We also thank Glyn for his support while raising awareness of MDS on the MDS World Awareness Day in October.

To date the support from Glyn, his family, friends and colleagues have been outstanding – we thank all of you for your time and determination!

We know, however, that there’s yet another challenge ahead for Glyn and those close to him. Although Glyn will soon be needing a stem cell transplant (the only curative treatment for MDS, for which only minority of MDS patients are eligible), there is currently a struggle to find a suitable match for him.

This is why, we urge all our readers and supporters, especially those born in Lancashire and of white British background to come forward and register as stem cell donors – to increase the chance of finding a suitable donor for Glyn and others like him.

To find out how you could register & be a lifesaver, please check our Bone Marrow Donation page:
or visit these websites:  or   Delete Blood Cancer UK


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