My Journey with MDS

Tuesday - Day minus 2 to Day plus 3

17/05/2015 16:30

Well Day minus 2 is fluid day!! This was to accompany the dreaded Melphalan which made me feel sick and bloated due to all the fluid that was pumped in over 30 hours.

Day minus 1 - hurray no nasty drugs but had the hangover from hell from the effects of the Melphalan. I didn't manage to get out of bed all day and lost my appetite entirely. I was really hoping that I would feel better for the arrival of my new stem cells the following day. 

Day Zero - felt as rough as the day before with little energy and no desire to eat or drink. Sally arrived to a sleeping patient and I was hardly able to stay awake for the rest of the day. Stem cells arrived at the hospital and I received them at 4.30 in the afternoon. I don't remember much about the cells going in as I was so poorly. The co-ordination of the cells coming across from America was brilliant and we will always be eternally grateful to the selfless act of our American donor in donating 2 very precious bags of stem cells. I had a mild reaction to the cells but it was minor in the scheme of things. 

Day + 2 - exhausted today and finding it hard to stay awake. Something very special happened though, my birth sister who I have only recently found came with her partner Keith to see me in the hospital. It was the first time that we have met and was an emotional and lovely meeting. We had over 50 years to begin to catch up on. They had travelled all the way from Lancashire which made this so special.

Day + 3 - Sally is writing this blog today as I am feeling so exhausted. Tummy problems have started as predicted and I have had a feeding tube inserted as the new drug given today Methotrexate is apparently going to give me mouth ulcers very soon , that will be a joy to look forward to ! Still not eating and finding it difficult to make myself drink enough. All seems on track and as it should be so far. Baxter remains my constant companion as always which can be a little trying whilst managing the tummy problems !


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