My Journey with MDS

Trying to be patient whilst waiting for improvement

02/02/2016 15:53

It's definitely a real slog at the moment, medication has been changed to try and reduce the extent of the CMV virus and the test results come through twice a week. So a long time between tests but there is an important level of monitoring needed to ensure my kidney function and bloods do not deteriorate. I've been having extra fluid to help with this, thank you Baxter, but have some swelling as a result, fine balance indeed. 

Physio has been helpful in putting together a gentle programme to enable me to keep my strength up and help with motivation which I am doing my best to follow. 

I have now officially been retired on health grounds so all very strange especially as my job was advertised last week. Whilst I recocognise this was inevitable given time off etc still leaves me with mixed feelings that I'm working through.

Our friend Brian is also on the ward undergoing treatment and we keep in touch with messages. 

Still no sign yet of a discharge plan 


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