My Journey with MDS

Testing Time and new Admission Day 2nd May

12/04/2015 09:45

So got through this week - had a reaction to platelets on Wednesday and needed injection afterwards - but all ok .  

Tiring day on Friday with all of the tests. Met the lead transplant nurse who was brilliant in terms of what to expect. Pulled no punches about the treatment regime. Having said that going through the journey of what to expect was actually very helpful and  both Sally and I appreciated the time that was given to us. We were also able to see the  unit and a typical room where I will spend between 6 and 8 weeks. .

Received my pre admission letter, with admission date for  Saturday 2 May for all the pre conditioning / chemo with the stems cells arriving from America around 12 days later ….. amazing really.

Seem to have appointments every other day now. Next week is blood test ; My third bone marrow biopsy with platelets and a blood transfusion. 

On Sunday 19th I am meeting my birth mothers sister and brother for the first time. Been in touch via phone and Facebook and Sally and I are really looking forward to meeting them both. 


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