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Sunday & Monday Day minus 4 and Day Minus 3

11/05/2015 21:30

Sunday - Day minus 4 

Overall a quieter day for treatment today, spent several hours this morning free from "Baxter" now that Campath is finished. Managed a circuit of my exercises. Its actually surprising that I have been here a week now! Whilst I might think that it has gone quickly I know that the burden of that has fallen on Sally juggling everything. I'm experiencing a general level of tiredness is still ever present and had a doze after lunch and after evening meal.  

Good to see James and Rhi today as well as Sally. Good to catch up on how things are going - I didn't share the QPR result with James though !!   

Posted some pictures of Cate and team on news bit of website as they got to finish line. 

Its been nice to receive e mails; texts; messages from friends, family and colleagues so thanks to all for them. 

Monday - Day minus 3 

So today its a change in regime in the final few days prior to the transplant. So as well as Fludarabine I have had my first dose of Cyclosporine which is an immunosuppressant  that is used to help prevent rejection (in my case ) of the new stem cells. It is something I am likely to be on for a fair while. The intial dose is given over 6 hours and started this morning and whilst this is on this afternoon my 16 hr IV is put up "Baxter" and I are inextricably linked all day and night today!! 

Just to add to the fun I will be having Melphalan tomorrow (another chemotherapy) this is accompanied by a need to ensure that I am well hydrated so this began at 5pm for 8 hours via IV and will be followed by another 8 hour dose at 1am. I've cleared the route to the bathroom and stocked up on bottles. 

Ruth (former colleague and Sally's old boss) before her retirement popped in this afternoon to see me - good to catch up on her plans. 

I caught Baxter on a weak moment and his first public viewing is below: 



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