My Journey with MDS

Still in hospital

26/01/2016 20:46

Well I'm still in hospital but continuing to improve. I'm off the direct feed into my bloodstream which is good news and beginning to expand my diet under guidance so as not to upset my "system" . Most things are starting to settle down again but the big issue appears to be the CMV virus which is yet to settle down and is the determinant for me being allowed home from what I understand. But they have plans for it which is good, and therefore a plan to get back home.

It's fair to say I have been frustrated by the stay at times, but I have to put into perspective on my journey which is a marathon not a sprint, something which Sally constantly reminds me about.

Sally is being her usual star self again with regular visits and it's great to see her nearly every day.

More news when I know more about the discharge plan

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