My Journey with MDS

Second week at home!!

25/10/2015 20:09

Just need to start with a reminder that today is  international  MDS awareness day which is important given the lack of knowledge about the condition. I recorded a 20 second piece for MDS which appeared on facebook page and twitter !

Attended the twice a week clinics, bit disappointed that my CMV markers have increased a bit this week, but good that I am being monitored so regularly by the team. Still really weak and get tired very easily which is par for the course, but I think I am very slowly getting a bit stronger, lots of muscle wastage to get back. Appetite remains good which I am sure is helping. It will be a really long road though to reach what they call "my new normal". 

Nice to have a couple of visitors this week including Sallys boss. Does make me feel more normal again, as I am not allowed to go to shops/ pubs etc yet and even when I attend hospital have to wear face mask, good fashion statement!! My old locks of hair that I lost through chemo and treatment is starting to return, but apart from being patchy and fluffy is white!! Feel that the razor will be out soon. 



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