My Journey with MDS

Provisional Date for admission

27/03/2015 12:00

Found out that the provisional date for admission for pre transplant treatment has been set for 3 May ..... still number of tests for me to go through and my donor, but good news - a number of these for me are on 10th April. Meeting the lead transplant nurse after the tests so she can share what to expect and get chance to  look around and deal with our questions. Additionally I will need another bone marow biopsy prior to admission (oh joy....). On 30 April I have to go in for the hickman line to be inserted as a surgical procedure ready for admission. 

Its now becoming very real and both Sally and I are both excited and nervous about the prospect of our journey ahead. But we know there is plent of support for us both. . 

Of course 3rd May is the weekend of the Isle of Wight challenge which Cate and team are undertaking the Isle of Wight challenge, raising funds for MDS, which is spooky. 


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