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02/02/2015 00:00

Hi All,

Been asked to share somethings about my experiences with Delete Blood Cancer as a patient. Here is the post from their facebook page 

This is Glyn Jones and his wife Sally.

Glyn was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) last August after some routine blood tests. 

MDS is a blood disorder. It involves the malfunction of the bone marrow in producing the correct quantity and quality of blood cells. 

Glyn describes what it was like to be diagnosed.

“To say my wife Sally and I were stunned is an understatement, the world stopped momentarily as we tried to comprehend the diagnosis and implications for us both. 

“Fortunately, I was allocated a specialist haematology nurse as a point of contact and she was able to talk through the implications and the fact that I had already been referred for a blood stem cell donation. She has remained a consistent source of advice and support on the journey MDS is taking me. 

“Actually the world does stop whilst you realise the enormity of having a life limiting condition with only one potential cure, it certainly has taken me some time to adjust to that.”

You can help get the world going for all those who rely on blood stem cells donations to get better by registering in five minutes online and requesting a cheek swab kit that will enable you to do your own tissue test to become a potential stem cell donor through our website:

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