My Journey with MDS

Not the news I wanted to hear

08/06/2015 16:43
In essence my Consultant now believes that all my episodes last week may well be me rejecting the new stem cells, as my numbers have remained flat. The are doing further tests to confirm as well as another Bone Marrow Biopsy this week to provide the appropriate confirmation. Apparently this is fairly unusual. Why am I surprised!!
They are now beginning retesting by blood / type etc  either to ask for more cells from donor, or if I have developed antibodies against donor then apparently possibly another donor. Either way I could well be in here for another 3 months or more as all of this takes time and they are not about to release me even in the interim !!!
Consultant seems positive  and whilst Sally and I feel that disappointed is an understatement, we are seeing this as a setback and are also being positive as there is a plan b / c and a way forward. 
Thanks as always to everyone for their good wishes and support 



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