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17/06/2015 15:54

So test results are back and importantly I have not devoloped antibodies against the donor cells, which is good news. The plan now is to go back to the donor for another batch of stem cells. Too early to be clear about timing. Given my lack of immune system I am in the best place to avoid infections etc, even though it is quite tough being stuck in the same room as it is week 7 now. Still if I put my face mask on I am allowed to walk the corridor in the ward...... another fetching look to add to the photo album. For a special treat I even took Baxter out yesterday as I was attached at the time. He is getting a well earned rest in this interim period. 

Sally has been overwhelmed by the recent flowers she has received which have helped cheer her up ......she continues to visit me everyday which is good for me but very demanding given everything else. 


Once we have more information on timing will let everyone know.  



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