My Journey with MDS

Mixed news

08/11/2015 17:11

Well after a relatively quiet week for my third week at home, I've had quite a rough week. My CMV really decided to jump out of its box, they also think this has impacted on my blood readings and I needed a blood transfusion on Friday. Anyway as part of the treatment I am being fitted with a "baby baxter" probably on Tuesday, which will be attached to me 24 hours a day dispensing medication and saline. It apparently comes in a back pack (no ninja turtle jokes please) so I'm sure we will get really close!!         

Hospital appointments are three times a week at the moment so shuttle runs to Southampton, still I am grateful for all of the monitoring even if hospital visits do tire me. I still have to be reminded that in the scheme of things I have not been out of hospital that long and to manage my expectations!! Sally has been so brilliant during this past few weeks, but returns to work this week, it will seem strange to be here on my own as its been great to spend time together again after my elongated stay in hospital. 

Hopefully slightly better news next week as I report on how baby baxter and me are getting on. 


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