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MDS need people to think about running for charity at next years London Marathon

27/04/2015 11:05


Russell Cook
26 April at 15:44
This year we were lucky to have 4 people prepared to raise funds for MDS UK at the London Marathon. We were lucky because, in all honesty, they didn't have to raise a penny. But we're glad they did. Each year approximately 36,000 people will run the London Marathon of which only 10,000 are 'ballot' runners - those who were lucky in the draw to get a running place. The rest run for Charities who pay for the places from London Marathon. Some Charities have dozens, if not hundreds, of places available, whilst the smaller Charities frequently have none at all. MDS is just one of those smaller Charities that relies on ballot runners because we simply don't get a chance as things stand to get ANY other places, either now, or in the immediate future. So, I'm asking you all now, to ask amongst your friends, relatives and colleagues, who might possibly apply for a running place, to ask them to run for us. Do it now, because the earlier we approach people the more likely they are to think of us - the more likely they are to apply. You will all know of someone, I am sure, who would rise to the challenge. 

This year we were lucky. It has resulted in close on £10,000 being raised from this one event - the biggest of it's type. Please help us maintain the momentum and do it next year.



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