My Journey with MDS

Its a waiting game !!

13/07/2015 16:32

Well the good news is that the infection appears to be clearing up according to the infection markers in my daily blood tests. Of course the downside to that is that I am becoming impatient to know what the next plan will be. As yet we know that several options are being actively being pursued but have no detail yet. Hopefully there will be more concrete news soon as it will help both Sally and I refocus on life in isolation and the new target, reminding me I have passed 10 weeks in this room yesterday. As I am sure everyone who knows me - not being in control is hardly a strength of mine. 

Baxter and I are coping with our seperation as he continues to enjoy a well earned rest from pumping "stuff" into me. As I am "better" I am back on exercise and although the physio is away I have been using the bike twice a day which will help keep some semblence of muscle tone. (no that is not a cue for you to LOL).

Hopefully more to add in the next week. 


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