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interesting New Year

07/01/2016 18:55

   Happy New Year to everyone. By a strange set of coincidences I find myself back in hospital almost exactly a year to the day that I was admitted last year to QA albeit for different reasons. 

Saw consultant at regular Thursday clinic today which led to my readmission this afternoon. In essence the hypothesis is that the reduction in cyclosporin may have induced some Graft verses Host Disease of the gut leading to me having quite bad diarrhoea which has been going on for 3 and a bit days.  Not only does this need to be proved but the kidney problem can be compromised by dehydration as a consequence - so I am back in for them to sort me out!!! On the plus side I have had a lovely warm welcome from the staff on C6 that I got to know so well. 

Whats worse is that Sally has the cold from hell which has quite literally taken her off her feet and I hve now left her fend for herself, although i know the boys have already been in touch. 


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