My Journey with MDS

Infection Continues

28/06/2015 16:12

Week nine has started the in the same way as last week and the infection continues to make me  feel pretty rubbish. There is a chance this week that the Hickman Line may have to be removed to assist in getting rid of the infection. I'm not looking forward to going back to having the dreaded cannula but if it helps to control things and makes me feel better then I'm ok with it. 

I have managed to escape from my room twice this week, once for a chest X-ray and the 2nd for at CT scan. Seeing the outside world is always interesting when cooped up in the same room. This of course was only possible thanks to infection and high temperature ! This seems to have been a long week and this infection seems to be going on for so long. I had another temperature spike last night after thinking that I may be getting through it.

It is looking likely that the 2nd transplant will happen around the 15th July all being well. There will be a different conditioning regime and we will know more about that nearer the time.

It was great to see my boss this week and catch up on Council news. Also Cate my sister-in-law visited and brought a new addition for my excercise programme - an indoor putting matt ! One of my nurses is a keen golfer so I anticipate some competitions ! Sally had to walk through the hospital with my putter from home and I think that she thought that she might get stopped by security !

Hope that I will have more positive news about the infection next week and once again thank you to everyone for their messages of support and for keeping in touch.



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