My Journey with MDS

Infection but progress

22/08/2015 15:55

Here we are on day +15 and it has been a difficult fortnight and apologies for not updating my blog during this time.

Stem cell transplant went ahead as planned but as I have previously said I have been fighting infections. One of these infections turned out to be fungal pneumonia which has knocked me sideways. An added complication has been the emergence of the CMV virus which is a childhood virus that my original donor was carrying. This has given the docs cause for concern and I am now on heavy doses of anti-viral drugs that are not at all pleasant.

Now for the good news and this time I am remaining cautious but my first neutrophils appeared on Sally's birthday ( day +11). This was really exciting as it was so early and of course it made Sally's day ! The counts have increased by the day and now the neutrophil count is 4 and my white cells are 5.2 ! This is the best that they have been since before my diagnosis last August.

I am now working hard with my physiotherapist to regain my strength and ability to walk for more than a few paces. It's hard work and I am totally wiped out afterwards but it's a means to getting fit enough to go home. Believe me after three and a half months in isolation I really can't wait !

These are such baby steps and it is still early days but today we have at this moment some good news.

Again thank you to our family, friends and fellow MDS patients who are remaining a constant support to both of us. 


PS - For those who are interested I managed to source and gift wrap Sally's presents via the Internet - not sure I would be able to but worked ok!!


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