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Great News - Donor Found

27/01/2015 16:40


So I had an appointment today with my transplant consultant at University Hospital Southampton, which went well.

In essence they have a good match (9/10) rather than the perfect 10 - he said I was slightly awkward or I think he meant my tissue type…… !!! In his opinion this was the best they were likely to get. In discussing the risks, it seems as if risks of complications are higher but still appear to be within the ball park 20% he talked about at my first meeting. We discussed the options and timing and he was really open and honest. They will scan again but he was clear that he did not feel a better solution was likley. 

In terms of timing he wants me to have  2 / 3 more cycles of chemo and lose more weight !! So we appear to be working to May transplant possibly June. Next appointment in March will confirm more exact timings. I have already  signed up with Macmillan excercise programme - first session on 12th February. 

My potential donor and lifesaver is female and is in America - how good is that - and how thankful are we that this is possible. Bottom line is that is a great step forward as I was somewhat nervous when I saw a tweet from Leukemia Care this morning which said 50% of people with blood cancers don’t get the donor they need !!!

Feeling positive about the plan which has a structure to it and I hope to take strength from those people with MDS who are such a source of inspiration on MDS Forum. 


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