My Journey with MDS

Finished Chemo, changes in blood products prescription, reflections on National Service Framework

13/03/2015 18:35

All well with chemo and finished the cycle. Impact is cumulative and I have felt more tired after this third time. Discussion with consultant included being prescribed irradiated blood products and special platelets which will help on the step towards transplant, all part of the science which is fascinating. Back on antibiotics for an infection in my finger. Numbers drop after chemo before picking up again. Next two weeks is just blood tests and transfusions and platelets so a bit of respite from attending hospital as much!

Whilst waiting for my consultant appointment this week I was reflecting on my involvement with developing the National Service Framework for Long Term Conditions back in 2003/2004. I remember the patient representatives saying that if people were keen to improve patient experience then improve conditions in waiting areas as people typically spend longer waiting than in the consultation. I certainly understand the point they were making. 

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