My Journey with MDS

Difficult Times

07/03/2016 16:31

This is Sally writing on behalf of Glyn as currently he is too poorly to update the blog.

Since Glyn's last post, his kidney and liver function deteriorated significantly and at the same time the CMV virus increased to very high levels. Glyn became jaundiced and bed bound within days and his weight due to kidney failure increased by 10 kilos rendering him almost unable to move.

Ironically on Valentine's weekend there was a decision to take him to intensive care to stabilise him and start dialysis, however this did not happen as there was a reluctance to move him at that point and the treatment was so invasive that it was not thought to be in his best interests.

Since these dreadful days of worry Glyn has fought an amazing fight to get better and his liver and kidneys are improving and with the help of our amazing physiotherapists is now beginning to mobilise slowly. His determination and strength has been inspirational.

We expect a long haul to recovery but Team Jones are going to do this !

We both would like to thank our wonderful family, friends and work colleagues for their love and support over the last three weeks. 


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