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Cate + IoW challenge ....... in St Bede Newsletter

01/04/2015 22:21


On Saturday 2nd May, four St Bede mums will be walking the 32km Isle of Wight Challenge to raise funds for MDS. If you can spare even a small amount, they would be delighted if you could sponsor them on

Cate Skeat (mum of Liam Y3 & Jake Y2) found out last August that her brother in law, Glyn Jones, has MDS, a malfunction of the bone marrow in producing the correct quantity and quality of blood cells. In order to raise funds for this lesser-known disease, she registered for the Challenge and was delighted that Sarah Beardon (mum of Emma Y3 and Sophie Y1), Katia Pothecary (mum of Jack Y3 and Charlotte Y1) and Verity Penzer (mum of Oscar Y3 and Amber & Imogen, Y1) agreed to join her. 

Only recently, Southampton General confirmed that Glyn will be admitted the same weekend as the Challenge for his life-saving stem cell transplant. All donations would be really gratefully received - thank you.



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