My Journey with MDS

Beginning to show some improvement

22/09/2015 16:08


Well it was a difficult beginning of the week, but slowly improved. I was a bit down to say the least at the beginning of last week, which even if I say so myself has not really been me. 

Started a new drug for CMV on Thursday ( twice a week ) and despite protest from Baxter it's a tablet not IV so more rest for him. Friday last week was the first day I exercised for a while walking the length of the ward, which doesn't sound too much, but in my state was a big deal. Week finished on a high as it was our anniversary on Saturday and I was allowed home for the afternoon might just have been a few hours but it really helped my morale and it was lovely to spend time with Sally at home


The main issues (as I understand them) now need be sorted to be able to go home are the CMV  and the need to improve kidney function. There is no discharge date in sight at the moment but we are keeping hopeful !

Just in case you might spot me in the near future don't be surprised if you think I have lost weight - I am now twelve and a half stone and need a whole new wardrobe ! I have lost three stones since being in hospital due to the treatment regime. 


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