My Journey with MDS

4 months today !

03/09/2015 16:15

I am sorry for followers of my blog for the delay in writing it but I have been pretty unwell at the moment and Sally is typing this on my behalf.

The CMV virus has taken it's toll and everyone is working flat out to get it under control. The problem is that the drug used to combat the virus has affected my kidney function and the alternative drug impacts on the transplant. Another drug is being sourced and I should hear about that at the weekend. 

I have been quite low in mood this week which the nurses and of course Sally have picked up on as I haven't been my usual cheery self ! I think the lack of a discharge date is really getting to me now and also the realisation that I have been an inpatient for four months this week. 

Sickness has been a problem this week and I have felt extremely tired. The stem cells appear to be doing ok which is a relief, just need the virus to subside now !

Not much more to say at the moment and I will write again soon.


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