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What happened to Baxter? and Another infection!

19/07/2015 11:36

A couple of adventures this week the first involves Baxter who as I had reported previously was definately under occupied. So in the middle of the night early in the week he was spirited away by one of nurses as someone really needed his three pack! It was replaced in the morning by his baby cousin who only had one pump. That seemed ok until wednesday evening when I had another temperature spike and probable infection, so baby cousin was traded in and I have another Baxter type now. The biggest question is can he have the same name???

Getting another infection so soon after the previous one clearing was a bit depressing to say the least, but all of the processes kicked in really quickly so after feeling rough for a few days, it looks like I am getting on top of it (or rather the anti biotics are as I have no immune system) or at least I hope so. 

In terms of the Donor, we understand that they are being pursued with some urgency and as soon as we can say something we will. Importantly it has moved from the search phase to pursuing an actual donor - more to follow when the detail becomes clearer. In the meantime I am trying to remain healthy, but it is hard to see the good weather outside..... Celebrating (?) 12 week today !!! 

Also credit to the team here who are a real help in my remaining positive and upbeat in managing the situation and of course Sally.  


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