My Journey with MDS

A whole New Family

20/04/2015 09:45

Sunday was a very special day in that Sally and I met my Birth Mothers sister and brother after my recent search. We met half way between Lancashire and south coast over Sunday Lunch - it seemed that 3.5 hours went by in a flash. Ray and Sylvia were so welcoming and of course full of information about how family life was. They both did a double take when they say me and said I was the spitting image of their father when younger!! 

Not only have I got a new family who have welcomed me, but they are all so supportive and want to help as I go through treatment. 

I have to mention that my half sister made contacted( we were both adopted) - we have had such a laugh in the short time we have been in contact and as anyone knows laughter is a great tonic. What is scary is that we have several interests and traits in common...... 




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