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New Year is here ........

02/01/2015 00:00

First blog of 2015 sees me writing from the Day unit, in for 2 units of blood and platelets today. Needless to say it is busy here, I never cease to be amazed by the positivity in the room regardless of anyone's circumstances. 


I guess today is the last day in my current job as I prepare to "hand over the reins" and pick up my new role. New Year is a time that is full of hope and aspiration - it is the same for us as we envisage moving towards the stem cell transplant that offers me a new beginning during his year. 


Great Xmas

27/12/2014 00:00

Well had a great Xmas with all of the family around. Went out for Xmas Lunch and had a lovely time. Everyone massively helpful and I hope they all enjoyed themselves too. Back to earth with a bump today as had to attend hospital for blood test and platelets and then discovered I needed 3 units. Eventually got home at 8.40 


Meeting with Delete Blood Cancer

11/12/2014 10:30

Met with Caroline Portlock, Head of Donor Recruitment and Una Farrell at Delete Blood Cancer UK today with specialist Haematology Nurse. The aim of the meeting was to explore ways in which we can run Donor Recruitment sessions both within QA Hospital and also at Bracknell Forest Council. Felt really encouraged by meeting with lots of ideas for 2015 to raise the profile in this area. If you cannot wait you can always contact Delete Blood Cancer direct and request a kit - it is easy.


Watch this space for more information on events


Supporting MDS Awareness Day

25/10/2014 00:00

My contribution to raising awareness as part of the international awareness day ....... not sure it is my colour!!

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