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Slow progress

28/03/2016 15:16
This is Sally writing this on behalf of Glyn.Glyn is continuing to improve medically and his strength is returning very slowly. The physios are working him hard and Glyn can now walk onto the ward using a walking frame. This is incredible progress but it is so difficult learning to walk again and...

Difficult Times

07/03/2016 16:31
This is Sally writing on behalf of Glyn as currently he is too poorly to update the blog.Since Glyn's last post, his kidney and liver function deteriorated significantly and at the same time the CMV virus increased to very high levels. Glyn became jaundiced and bed bound within days and his weight...

Trying to be patient whilst waiting for improvement

02/02/2016 15:53
It's definitely a real slog at the moment, medication has been changed to try and reduce the extent of the CMV virus and the test results come through twice a week. So a long time between tests but there is an important level of monitoring needed to ensure my kidney function and bloods do not...

Still in hospital

26/01/2016 20:46
Well I'm still in hospital but continuing to improve. I'm off the direct feed into my bloodstream which is good news and beginning to expand my diet under guidance so as not to upset my "system" . Most things are starting to settle down again but the big issue appears to be the CMV virus which is...

Still in hospital

15/01/2016 18:25
So is just over a week into my stay in hospital, things are improving slowly, with the combination of very restricted diet alongside direct feeding via "Baxter", steroids and antibiotics. It's not been an easy week in terms of dealing with it. Numbers in blood have all been slightly affected by...

interesting New Year

07/01/2016 18:55
   Happy New Year to everyone. By a strange set of coincidences I find myself back in hospital almost exactly a year to the day that I was admitted last year to QA albeit for different reasons.  Saw consultant at regular Thursday clinic today which led to my readmission this...

MDS Patient Support Group

31/12/2015 00:00          MDS UK Patient Support Group supports patients with Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS). Support, information, awareness, campaigns for MDS patients & families.

Happy Xmas

24/12/2015 21:18
Can  I take the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year for 2016.  Thanks from Sally and I for all the messages of support and good wishes through 2015  it has been much appreciated.  Will update blog in New Year. But am doing ok and looking forward to Xmas...

Progress Continues

13/12/2015 19:58
Overall a much better week this week, which comes as a relief. I had some blood last Saturday week which has boosted my red blood cells. Also I am on self administered injections weekly to help my kidneys produce red blood cells. I am still having the extra fluid via baby baxter, getting used to...

Progress albeit slowly

30/11/2015 21:00
Apologies for the delay in updating the blog, I have had a few weeks of feeling less well, due to a combination of infections and fatigue. CMV did it's bit in this and as I set out in the last blog I had baby baxter in addition to oral medication to treat CMV. It was certainly an interesting...

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